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When Oasis Exterior Design was founded, the first goal was to offer our customers a relaxation area to forget the stress of the week spent at work. To do this, we needed to find what customers really needed. Looking at the question, we thought about this : Imagine yourself in your yard … With a breathtaking landscaping, one that recalls the biggest hotels in South America. Pool, cobblestone terrace, cocktail bar made of wood or stone, outdoor kitchens, natural gas or traditional fireplaces. All decorated with beautiful plants that will undoubtedly plunge you into one of your most beautiful dreams come true; an oasis. A place more than perfect to accommodate family and friends or just relax reading a book.
With the Canadian winter that sometimes affects our mood, it’s important to know how to take advantage of the summer by investing in quality landscaping. The possibilities are great and you can enjoy your yard at any time.
Let our experts help you create your dream OASIS!

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